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Hiking in Khibiny

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And the Khibiny mountains on the Kola Peninsula — the most beautiful mountain range, which is considered the Mecca of Hiking in Russia. Here you can see these Northern lights in the winter and a real polar day in summer, there are minerals and rocks that are in the world but here, produced here the most beautiful in Russia blue sapphires, and grazing reindeer.

The Khibiny mountains are not very high — the high point of approximately 1200 m above sea level, but they are really harsh. If, on the southern slopes the climate is temperate in the mountain areas there are few glaciers, and the snow is melting only at the end of June.

Simple routes

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Of course, first of all, in the Khibiny going to ski, the season here is very long. But in the summer it is visited by lovers of mountain trekking, because the scenery and nature of the Khibiny forever amaze everyone who has ever visited here.

  • The most interesting and at the same time a simple walk in the Khibiny mountains in the Polar-Alpine Botanical garden-Institute. It is the most Northern Botanical gardens of Russia. Its main collection is located in Kirovsk (or rather by the Kirov, near the village of Kukisvumchorr) and occupies the slopes of two mountains: Vadhavkar and Tahtarvumchorr. One of the main directions of the garden of acclimatization to Northern conditions of plants in more southern latitudes. In winter, the garden is available to visit the tropical greenhouses, but much more interesting a visit to the garden in the summer. The entrance to the garden is possible only with a guided tour, and the tour need to be booked on the website of the institution. Route length and 1.5 — 3 km, depending on time.
  • A Botanical walk to a Large Woodyavr. If a half hour tours of the most Botanical garden a little, you can go Hiking in the surrounding area, where exotic tropical plants there, but the local flora is represented in abundance. The route starts from the «Field Umetskogo» is the starting point of the majority of the Khibiny routes, which continues to expand and improve. This is a large, partly swampy field, overgrown with grasses. Here grows a variety of medicinal plants, for example, is the bison, which make tinctures. The road leads to the foothills of Kukisvumchorr where you can see the glacial moraine and get acquainted with its vegetation and numerous mosses and lichens. Route length — 8 km.
  • Directly from the railway station of the Khibiny mountains you can climb to the highest point of the Khibiny plateau Judychvumchorr. Despite a small mileage, the route will take no less than two days, and if you do not have to strain three. You can even sleep at the foot of the peaks, and climb better on the South-Western spur, it is the most safe. Climbing up to the plateau and admiring the surroundings, you can walk up to the pass West Petrelius, and then to the lake Small Vudyavr. Is the «pearl of the Khibiny», the most beautiful lake in these places, lying in a green valley between several mountain passes. Here you can see the remnants of the geological site of the 1930s «Tietta», it has a commemorative plaque. This place is already passable for vehicles. On the Northern shore of the lake is the primer, and back on the car.

Routes from base rescue Kuelporr

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In the heart of the Khibiny, there is another traditional starting point routes — base rescue Kuelporr, which can be reached by car. Here you can settle in and explore the area light. The main attraction of the base — a few posts with pointers mileage to the towns. Their pitch and leave the tourists from different places of the globe. Here a lifeguard MOE, and the last on the route, you need to check in with them. At the base you can stay for a few days: there is a small hotel, there is a housing emergency, but be prepared for the fact that the conditions everywhere are pretty Spartan, for example, firewood for bath and stoves will likely have to cut yourself. There is a small shop with pretty high prices.

  • The waterfall is Beautiful. The waterfall lives up to its name — it is the most beautiful in the Khibiny, it is from the base less than a kilometer. The waterfall formed by the waters of the river Rision over him, arranged a viewing platform from which you can descend to explore the bottom of a waterfall, and then walk along the river gorge. The length of the route is 1.6 km away.
  • Nuclear test site and the top of the mountain of Kuelporr. Another interesting place — a former nuclear test site in the Khibiny mountains. In the early 1970-ies it was decided to kill two birds with one stone: to make tests of nuclear weapons and at the same time using explosions to acccess deposits of Apatite. In total there were produced three explosions: one in 1972 and two in 1984, Scientists claimed, that no radioactive contamination has not occurred. Now this is not a test, but now traces of radiation have exactly no visit is completely safe. But with the top of the mountain for wonderful views of the surrounding area. The length of the route -3,6 km.
  • To the top of Cascasding. Another low (1100 m) mountain in the vicinity of the base, where it is easy to climb and offering Khibiny open spaces. The route is 7.8 km away.

Multi-day routes

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Journey to Seidozero — route to the lake which was considered sacred from the Sami (now a public reserve). The locals and guides will tell you that here were found the remains of an ancient civilization Hyperborea. The main esoteric artifact rock Covey, the legendary evil giant, really impressive rock on the shore of the lake. This route starts from Revda, through the pass of Almario to the lake. On the shores of lake worth a few days late — here is what to look. In addition to the rock Cueva elephant trekking these mountains there are several picturesque sacred stones, Sade, and the lake itself is very beautiful in the summer. Route length is 25 km.

From Imandra to Apatite is one of the longest routes, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of the Khibiny fully. It leads through the passes of UMCOR, Rischorr several streams and rivers to the M. Vudyavr lake and then through lane Geographers to Apatite. The route may take 7-9 days. It requires no special equipment except good shoes and trekking poles, but occur here and windbreaks, and small scree, and crossing the mountain river Ford. Route length is 106 km.


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On the Kola Peninsula has its own airport — in the city of Apatity. In summer, the mountains partly passable to good cars. Very good cars — stuck forever car show here before. On the one hand, space tourism, on the other hand, in the North of Russia. Routes are marked not everywhere, no signs.

In the form of a few tour operators that organize trips. One good way is to stand somewhere stationary camp and a whole day to go walking without backpacks. Hiking sticks and mountain boots will come in handy.

Despite the fact that the North — sunscreen for the face in the mountains need to burn very simple. In the summer it can be difficult to sleep because of the «night» there is actually no — you can grab a sleep mask. If you go to the mountains alone, it makes sense to pre-call in emergencies and to report on its route. Cellular communication in the form there is only a very point. Best time for Hiking is July to August, in June it’s still cold, and in September it is already cold.

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